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TLC 3 Bug Breeding and Onycs


TLC 3 Bug Breeding and Onycs

Wildcard has confirmed TLC 3! its very possible Araneo and the  Pulmonoscorpius might get reworked. I have always found it weird that  bugs aren't able to be breed?
So here is my idea for a bug breeding system!
Dinos included in this system are the Araneo, Pulmonoscorpius,Dung beetle, Arthropluera, and the mantis! these dinos will be referred as BBugs in the post

Breeding  mechanics work the same

Egg mechanics
When a bbug lays a egg it will act the same as normal eggs
if the female bbug has wandering enabled they will pick up their eggs and their eggs only
Eggs can and must be incubated in the mothers inventory
Once the eggs hatch the mother dies and is consumed by the babies
BBug eggs will spawn 2-4 offspring 
BBug Eggs can be hatched into other mother inventories as long as they are the same dino

Additional notes
Onyc can now breed.
Onycs now uses the gestation system.


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