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PS4 P+ Cradle of Creation RP - Ark Roleplay Server


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PS4 P+ Cradle of Creation RP - Ark Roleplay Server

The servers offline while WC fix prim plus but if your looking for a new home I couldn't recommend this server more.

Cradle of creation - if your finding the main game stale on the PS4 and tend to find the same rp servers full of high boosts, GCM towns, look no further.

The guys at Cradle of Creation have modded the games code extensively offering a hugely different challenge than the main game. Animal drops, animal spawns, engram recipes have all been changed to create a more challenging game. No longer can you create everything and be a one man band. You will have to buy and trade with others, a functioning economy that you the player can impact. This is not a world where you are a pawn to a servers owner kingdom, you are who you want to be, and the road to the top is as challenging as it would be in real life. No rules, no king or queens, make your claim, make your name!


Want to have a real roleplaying experience on the PS4 on Ark? Join Cradle of creation, couldn't recommend it more. 



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