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Nitrado ARK Cluster! Boosted/ Aberation

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Now presenting Arkjunkiez ark cluster! To find simply search Arkjunkiez and chose your map!

this Cluster consist of the island, the Center and Ragnorok! Also there will be an Aberation server on the list when it comes out! 

The Center is the place to start! Join now and get your Starter! Griffin and metal structures. The Center has PVE weekdays so you can build up and transfer to others in the cluster! Of course there is PVP weekends!

there are random events on the Center as well!! 

This is a high boost server

infinite weight

12x Gather 

20X XP

50x Breed/Mature 

boosted drop quality

boosted Dino and player stats. 

Higher turret damage to equal out the boosted stats

there is also a shop on the Center! 

oh and a sweet bonus. You can build war quetz!! And there are no structure clipping. 

If you have any questions message GT “Scorched Server”



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  • KyleM is just bitter
  • The host does not abuse commands
  • host helps out and also does drops with great loot
  • Behemoth gates cause problems so it helps to keep those to a minimum.  You can get big and be competitive but when you bitch the whole time it gets annoying really quick.
  • I recommend join and try it out for yourself.
  • The dino spawns are currently being worked out and figuring out a fix for it.  It sucks when some players just don't have patients and blast peoples servers on forums.
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