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Looking for tribemates

Hey everyone, first time requesting help or making a post so i may not have posted in the right place. Sorry for that.


I'm a seasoned survivor, I've got over 3000 hours of ark experience mostly on pc, but my pc is now just a paperweight. I have a ps4 with ark and all DLC's cuz I just couldnt get enough... but none of my friends have ark on ps4.

I'm currently on a server with fibercraft and admin gifts, but I started on their genesis map on their day 1 and absolutely wrecked all competition to climb my way up to be the unquestionable alpha on genesis. 

I dont plan to stay on this server forever, but I'd like to make some friends before jumping to the next server.

Absolutely none of my friends have ark on the ps4... it's so sad.

I'm hoping to fill the 5 empty slots in my 6 person tribe.

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