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Genenis how to tame a big snake

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10 hours ago, 1megatron124 said:

I wish it was true but man why did wildcard add these if you can’t tame them .... 

because... wildcard.

but yeah seems they are untamable, and spawning in large numbers,  I was heading up to the volcano in the lava biome and on the narrow path ahead there were 6 basilisk tails poking up through the ground all in a cluster, that's not mentioning the 4 I had to zip past while they were busy with a dino in order to get up to that spot.

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I import drake eggs from Aberration to tame them. I spent a while attempting with Magma eggs, but no luck. I guess since there's so much previously Aberration- exclusive stuff that's now tamable without Ab, they wanted to keep some of the tames unique to owning it while still having the special colour sets for them, and some access to them (eg dermises) for even the people that don't.

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