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Can't get a Gallimimus with flyer

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28 minutes ago, Lifsteinn said:

Thank you for the hint.

But, why have they increased it? What is the point?

I think it had to do with meshing, cause they (and roos) were super easy to mesh, that's what I heard anyway, maybe they will put it back so we can pick them up since the anti meshing has since been implemented. 

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13 hours ago, Glydyr said:

Im just guessing here but you could prob level all speed and drop them into the mesh while running and getting through the mesh? 

I do not know 100%, but the fact is that the Megalosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Procoptodon, and Gallimimus all met 2 criteria:

1)  They are carryable by at least the Quetzal, some with Wyvern, and some with Argy

2)  They have "passenger" mounts (Roo pouch, Mega and Kapro mouth, Galli 3-seater)

I think it had something to do with these facts.  Any more and I'll probably get smacked by Joe or GP or Invincible or Sphere for talking about it.

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Honey should work as a lure. It will also attract everything else in the area as well, so be careful of that. Rare flowers should also work but will cause aggro on everything in the area. A third option is trying to glitch them into a taming pen on a raft... if they are near the shore.

The proper way to have fixed this would have been to prevent pickup while a player is being carried by said creature. The drag weight could have been changed to a higher value when this happens, preventing pickup, and then restored to normal when the creature was no longer carrying a player. That or a simple flag being set and checked. Instead, the devs choose the usual extreme "lets just screw it up for everyone" option.

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