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Can t Build on ocean platforms - too high above ground

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Tested this in multiple areas.   Platforms won't allow you to stack or build certain basic structures over moderately deep water.    I can't connect wires or pipes to almost an entire platform on my server.   Kinda takes the whole point out of building an ocean  BASE.  

There is a mission zone below that part of the base as well but it's very far down.   Not sure if that is part of the issue or not.

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Apparently there is still no fix for this. It also happens if i attempt to add any electrical inside my already wired base if i want to lay down the section and then attach it to existing electrical using a flex wire. And like others have said, dedicated storage wont work, generators are super buggy as to where they can be placed, and pipes also have the issue.



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I cant even put a wall on a foundation lol, it's just 1 wall high.


Imo Ocean Platform should trump other build rules, it should be allowed to build close to each other as long as it is ON THE PLATFORM, just like platform saddle, it is static anyway so we cannot clip it to grief other people's building. It's really painful to see my platform, I managed to put it down, was so painful to find a spot, but now I cannot build freely on it, some space on my ocean platform wont allow me to place structure because too close to other player's structure, it should be a separate thing. Also even if now my ocean platform is badly placed, I won't remove it because I can still use it for spawn point, and I will still look for another place, it's actually wasting the game world's real estate, but who cares.


Seems like I cannot put anymore structure once I leave my ocean platform, it will say too high above the ground.

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