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dino tlc Allosaurus Alpha with % bleed effect working on bosses



Allosaurus Alpha with % bleed effect working on bosses


Since the addition of Deinonychus from Valguero, I was curious why Allosaurus Alpha boost ( Right click attack when you have alpha boost) is not doing % dmg from max BOSS health.

It would be extremely useful and would help allosauruses to stand more in the rex/spino as a separate DPS dino.

Deinos , all of them can stack bleed effect on enemy boss and they can cast a AoE buff for themselves that increases DPS even more. Sure they can die in a hit or two but thats their job of being a glasscanon. They work great in a group of meatshields like rexes, especially when player ridden.


Allosauruses meanwhile, could be a little more tanky , having to work in a group and maybe not deal as much % dmg from max HP as deino but it should be consistent damage source. Their base dmg value is already very low ( 35 ) , and they run out of stamina very quickly. Slow effect shouldn't work on bosses of course.

So what are your opinions? I feel like allos could be a great addiction to spice up boss-battle metas.

Also should their roar ( C ) apply a temporary buff for whole pack?

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A decision should be made - either all creatures with bleeding damage can apply it to bosses - or none.

If with the upcomming TLC 3 the Carno also causes bleeding damage (5% in 10sec) - will it effect Bosses?

In general, the Allosaurus is relatively well positioned - in the pack it gains a damage bonus of 50% and takes 25% less damage.

Stamina is a real pain ... needs good breeding.

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Pretty sure their bleed works differently than the Deinos, and does a guaranteed 10 or 1% of the creatures health, which is much stronger against big targets.
1% per second for 5s, so each bleed takes 5% total. And yup its useful for large targets, even the titanosaur dies after 20 bleeds, but bosses are not affected by allo bleed
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