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SLI Compatibility bits not working anymore?

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Good day!
I'm using driver 441.87. When using the existing (factory) SLI profile for the ARC game, both video cards are loaded only by 40-50%, there are AFR lags - in general, the performance is lower than with one video card.
Changed the factory SLI profile as follows:
Set the value of the parameter "Sli Compatibility Bits (DX10 + DX11): 0x080222F5"
Now one of the cards is loaded by 60-80%, the other - 15-20%. The overall frame rate is slightly higher than with a single video card, however, it is still not high. At the same time, in this mode, there are no so-called AFR lags, which tells me (a person who has been using multi-GPU systems for several years) that video cards can cope with the load, and the performance problem lies elsewhere. In my case, it seems to me that the 7800X processor is too weak for this game with two video cards (by the way, the game itself uses processor resources very poorly).

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