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Starting up a new server want people to join

My friend and I want to rent out a ps4 server for Genesis but need more people to join to make it fun. If you are interested please let us know. We can discuss the server settings as a group and vote on it when we have enough people but most likely a 5x server with slightly boosted stats and breeding extremely boosted. We also would like to have weekly server events in the future and give prizes and stuff to winners.

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I got a cluster server we got events every week as well as a slightly boosted server everyone in the community votes there's about 50 people accross the cluster so far we are a month old. Always looking for admins to join up lmk if you and your freind are interested. The server is called: The Ark 10x resources 10x XP we also got an admin shop and tones of awesome tribes. 

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