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BIG Thank You WC for Genesis beauty of design and mood!

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I would like to express my respect to map designers, sound engineers and graphic artists from Wildcard.

Traveling on biomes - especially in the center of Bog and Lunar Biome is an amazing experience.
I did not expect such beautiful graphics, honestly I am pleasantly surprised.

My Bloodstalker hunting trip in the center of Bog Biome was incredible, amazing experience.
Between giant trees, i felt like im in Avatar world. Thank you for this!

Keep it up. Genesis is on the level!

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I have to agree. This is by far the best DLC in my opinion! The only things I don't like, as always, are the stupid earthquakes and insta-kill mechanics like meteors and the volcano eruption. But all the biomes look awesome, they're pretty rough, the missions are fun and the hexagon-exchange-shop is a very good idea, though I would like to see more materials in it like bug repellant, stimulant, etc. And of course there could've been more new creatures added, but those who are new are fantastic, especially the Bloodstalker and Ferox! 

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