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Server and Gamertag: D00MLAND
•Center map
•North American Xbox One
•24/7 PvP
•4x taming
•3x experience
•3x harvest
•No passive Dino killing
•Character transfers on
•No dino/item transfers
•Offline raiding is on but no total base wipes.
•Adults only
•Blue obelisk island is a safezone, no raid/pvp.
•Only ONE admin. I'm completely neutral. I do not raid and the only base I have is in the safe zone and used for helping new members.

Instant resource/Dino respawn, longer days, shorter nights, slightly tweaked food drain, water drain, character and tame stats.

New members will be given a starter chest with metal tools, crossbow and pike. Upon request and when I have time. Being demanding or annoying will get you nothing.

Do not spam me with messages or party invites. I'm not here to find friends, this post is for building server population.

Server is open to the public but rarely shows up on the server list so you'll need to add the gamertag d00mland(zeros in d00m) and join from the friends list. MESSAGE THE GAMERTAG. I will not add you if you drop yours in the comments.

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