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Some questions about Genesis

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Some questions about Genesis

1) Do Magmasaur eggs spawn with same method (1-38 instead of 1-30 level) as Rock Drake eggs and Wyvern eggs? 

2) Can we breed a X variant of dino with normal one? 

3) What is magmasaur's metal smelting speed compared to Industrial Forge? 

4) What potential Magmasaur has for collecting metals compared to Ankylosaurus? 

5) Can Magmasaur deal damage to metal and tek structures? 

6) Can we extend the spoil time of Ambergris via Preserving Bin or Refrigerator? 

7) Is there any way to tame Basilisk at the Volcano? (I searched some lunar caves and did not find any sign of Rock Drakes and their eggs.)

8-) Actually where are lunar caves, is there any coordinate list for them? 

9) Does Bloodstalker taming multiplier still not work on 3x?

10) Do Karkinos and Gasbags spawn rare or common in caves? 

I searched some of lunar caves and found only one Gasbag and some Karkinos that bugged under ground, I need one crab but it seems like there is no crab right now. Maybe their spawn point is bugged or not? (Same with X Argies by the way, been wandering around pretty much all the time on snow biome and have not seen any of them for some reason, I love birds but can't even tame one.) 

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25 minutes ago, Akarulez said:


I can answer some of these. 

1. They'll be 1-30 for you because they're breedable so they don't have the additional wild levels. 

2. No

3. Slower 

4. It's pretty comparable except they're faster and can smelt ore

5. Metal only I think

6. Don't remember but I want to say preserving bin does

No clue for the rest

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