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This is a top priority for us and we've been working on a fix. Unfortunately our first 2 attempts did not resolve the problem for legacy characters (those who experienced the bug before the patch went

As already stated in this thread, the patch containing the Mindwipe is to be released soon. It's is coming to PC today hopefully then console.

I would really welcome the use of something like Bugzilla or similar bug tracking software available for input from the public.

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Mindwipe is Broken

Mindwipe tonic is broken for me.

So the cooldown for the tonic on this particular character of mine happens to be TWELVE-THOUSAND FOUR-HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS and thirteen hours. What's the deal? This is the first time this has has happened, and nothing I've tried works (uploading my char, relogging, tossing the minwipe out, making another, etc). This is on official PvE.mwtcd.thumb.png.30a81b9cda2e70824311515f870e8551.png

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On 3/2/2020 at 12:38 AM, LomgNeckOP said:

Yea I get the -8s too and can't mindwipe tho I last mindwipe 2 months ago... devs need to fix this poop ppl still bluescreening all over and nothing's getting done $36 for b.s 

On 3/1/2020 at 6:20 PM, CaptainRex8703 said:

Me too. It’s horrible. Mine has a timer of -8s. I can’t eat it or anything. 

On 2/27/2020 at 4:56 PM, Twistedinc88 said:

Mine aswell I make the mind wipe and it shows -8s and wont let me click haven't mindwipe since 3 days before genesis launch

Does it still show -8s for you all or is it now showing the 12428 days now like the others?

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1 hour ago, theASCHE360 said:

mmmm a gazillion of players are experiencing the bug and somehow its hard to repro? well all we can do is hope they fix it real soon, not WC soon ? 

Reproducing bugs has nothing to do with the number of times it happens in the wild.  It’s, complicated. 

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