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mindwipe tonic Mindwipe is Broken


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I was attempting to mindwipe my alt as well since my main is stuck on a full Genesis server that I cannot get to in order to transfer off. I was thinking about the possibility of bringing a crafter in to genesis in order to make custom recipes in order to have really good food that takes 2 days to spoil. I wonder if this is something they are attempting to prevent from happening. Regardless they should address this if it is not a bug.

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Same problem here. Definitely hard to get things done with a useless toon.

28 minutes ago, mleii said:

Anyone know what the normal cooldown should be for mindwipe?  I haven't played on an official for a long time.


11 minutes ago, mleii said:

Also wondering if this is a display issue and it's just showing a poorly formatted number in the UI.

Normal cooldown on official is 24hrs. Also, not just a display issue as I tried to use it anyways and it didn't work. Haven't used a mindwipe in 10+ days, so I should have no cooldown showing.

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Im a solo player must of the time and after i unlock all the enagrams from extintion i try to move to another map . I went to valguero and when i came back to my extintion base the enagrams are just gone . And is almost imposible for me to unlock then againg cause for a solo player is not eassy to kill the titans . That really makes me want to drop and let all my work rising animal building and working to grow . I have a tribe mate but he is just able to play for short amount of time and he got mind wipe too . What can i do is to hard for me to unlock them again . How can i make wildcard know about these ?

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Help forgotten soup problem

Hello everyone, I don't speak English, so I use Google Translate. There may be places where expression is not in place. Please forgive me.
I would like to ask how to solve this forgotten soup 1242 days cooling CD. I have tried all servers, including Genesis. Both show this CD. I have no skill points and need to unlock the imprint. Otherwise, many things cannot be learned in Genesis. I really feel bad. Is there any friend who knows the solution.


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