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Xbox T2 & T3 crates still not giving a replicator

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18 hours ago, XArkMonkeyX said:


I have tried to get the replicator both in single player opening over 100 crates and by grinding hexagons on a dedicated server without success :0( it seems this is not fixed on console.


What server version is your dedicated server on?  I think it needs to be on v795.4 or greater.  You can see this by making sure the you are showing Server Info in your client options and by going to the "exit game" menu.  I'm not playing Genesis so I cannot verify but that's what I understand from what I've read.

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10 minutes ago, WilliamMichell said:

My server is showing that version number but still not getting Tek replicater

Are you on the Windows Store version on PC or Xbox?  It seems the Store PC version is behind Xbox for the client version for some reason.

I just asked a person on our Nitrado server and they're able to get it via the loot crates.

EDIT:  The reason I ask is that we have flyers turned on for Genesis on our server, but the Windows Store players cannot fly only the Xbox players.

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