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Dino Damage stat on Official PVP

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Dino Damage stat on Official PVP

Hi all, 

Can anyone help me with a question on 'DINO DAMAGE' stat on Single Player...?

Im trying to match the settings for OFFICIAL PVP on my single player.

I have Max difficult set

overridedifficultyoffset set to 5.0.

Single player settings are unchecked.

The one thing that I want to clarify is knowing what the actual DINO DAMAGE is on official servers.

I just set it to it's highest value of 3.0 and the broodmother boss absolutely destroyed me my army of awesome dinos.

Previously I destroyed gamma broodmother when the dino difficulty was set to 1.0 default.

I just want an idea of this value on official PVP servers. 

I've looked but cant seem to find what this value actually is on official servers...



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