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lvl 1 dino when cryopod


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It doesn't matter if you change server or not- If the Obelisk you put it in is not part of the server itself (or singleplayer world you may be playing on), as soon as you close that inventory, it will level 1 when you pull it out. For example, if someone hosts their singleplayer world in non-dedicated and join that world, I cannot put any cryopodded dinos or eggs into my Obelisk while I'm playing on it, regardless of whether or not I travel anywhere with it. Even just opening up the obelisk and pulling it out will level 1 bug it. However, the Obelisk will be safe the person who's singleplayer world I'm playing on.

And I agree, it NEEDS fixing.


It's a different story if that's a clustered server though (that is, you can't access whatever you put in your obelisk on the server in a singleplayer world), and it's still bugging.

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