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Genesis Release Causing Bugs in Other Maps

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Genesis Release Causing Bugs in Other Maps

Is anyone else noticing issues with non-Genesis maps since the release of Genesis. I'm fairly new to the game,  so I'm playing on a private server I rented through Nitrado. Im playing on  The Island with my boyfriend,  and so far the only real glitches we have encountered were easily solved by restarting the game or server. Since the release of Genesis,  however,  we have been experiencing far worse connectivity issues,  lag,  and overall "bugginess" as I call it. We were even having wild dinos detecting us through solid walls of structures and partially clipping into the structures in their attempts to get to us. Don't get me wrong,  we totally took advantage of the circumstances when we ended up with a wild Beelzebuffo that hopped into our fully enclosed raft from underneath. The surprise Dilo's and Boas getting in, on the other hand,  weren't nearly so pleasant. I had hoped tonight, when it updated before launch, that some of the issues would have been fixed with the patch. However,  it seems to have only made matters worse. Now we are no longer able to ride our Pteranadons at all,  though none of the other mounts are giving us troubles. Is anyone else noticing the same or similar issues with non-Genesis maps?

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