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Alpha Ice Fishin' only spawns 15 coel no matter what

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I can confirm only 15 fish for alpha. if you use a bloodstalker and enter orbit camera mode you can see the fish outlined. So its easy to know which hole to fish from and how many fish for each hole. But this on alpha is actually impossible atm...Xbox One SP, i also tried spawning a coel in the area to catch the 16th fish but any fish spawned in do not see the bait. :(

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I see this thread is pretty old now but just gonna go ahead and say what i did to do it on alpha. I tried it probably 10 times failing needing 1-2 fish every damn time and there just wasnt any remaining in the pond. got tilted and tried to count em' but with 15 fish moving around it can seem like 16. anyway i went trough the trouble of getting a tek helm, bought 1 element and equipped it. also shoot a salmon with a crossbow and sword the whole pond to death, should make your life alot easier. so i tried reseting the mission over and over but there was always 14-15 fish. never the 16 you need. so i decided to try something different. started mission, jumped in a hole, killed 3 coels and behold like 8 more respawned so i ended up having around 20ish fish making the mission super easy. still had atleast 5 fish remaining when i finished. If you've been struggling with this mission you should give this a shot.

Good Luck!

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