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genesis my be over hyped

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genesis my be over hyped

but man they were creative with how you tame the new dinos 

. bloodstalker it has to grab you and drink blood packets from your inventory

. ferox you got to give it crack in the form of element

. magmasaur    its just like drakes but im glad we have a new trench

.idk how to tame the whale or turtle i think there just knockout tames

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7 hours ago, Calico45 said:

I think the turtle was angering a school of fish and bringing it to the turtle for it to eat. You have to protect it during the process.

The whale, though, I am not sure yet.

Whale is tamed similar to rock golem and titanosaur, you knock it out with a cannon and feed it with the purple kibble afterwards.

Best way to do this ( or maybe the only way tbh) is to place one or two cannons on a hover skiff

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