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Unable To Craft Element In Genesis

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1 hour ago, Udam said:

but there is no way to Craft it to make whatever you need.


Cuz the only way to "make" it is the Tek rep. so the shards are Useless without it.

heck i don't know how to get the rep on genesis, so the only way to get Full element is by buying it from Helena. and What do you need to craft a Rep? element! 

The replicator I believe is obtained from lootdrops currently whilst the devs look at other opportunities. Once you get the replicator you can then convert shards to element.

Farming shards is aplenty.

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On 2/28/2020 at 4:55 AM, GP said:

I believe this is intended because even if you own Extinction you cannot craft element in your inventory.

Lunar biome has lots of green looking rocks that are Element Shard rocks, and Lava biome have Red crystal looking rocks (similar to Red gems on Aberration) that are Element Shard rocks.

You can craft (unstable) element from your inventory after getting the engram, from dust. But converting shards to element, that's the thing. Maybe an engram to convert out of replicator would be awesome...

Or you will be required to do boss in another map then transfer it to genesis to be able to use a replicator.

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one thing i think they should add into genesis is summoning the three bosses. broodmother, dragon and monkey. there are biomes that suite them well. monkey-snow, broodmother-bog, dragon-volcanic. this would allow for tek engrams to be unlocked. rn i dont want to transfer anything as it does not make sense to me, lore wise we are in a simulation meaning nothing should be allowed to be transferred in or out, hence why the bosses are placed in there. unlike summoning, you could find them located in certain area in the biomes. like of val. this would give genesis more flare and encourage people to stay on the map. my friends gen server is not as popular mainly because of the fact that you cant unlock tek engrams on it. anyway i like the idea of shard farming and hexagon colelcting.

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