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Water source on Arctic biome, where?

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25 minutes ago, Raziel42 said:

Water in Arctic

So I have a base in the arctic map in genesis. How do I use a reservoir if I can't set out pipes without water? There's no water rss that I've found and I can't set out a reservoir to collect water. Anyone know a way to make it work? 

You should be able to put a foundation down, set a cross section pipe on top, and connect a reservoir. I believe that's how it works with vanilla buildings at least. 

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there are two spots i've found water in the snow biome but both spots are blocked, you can't build.  use the reservoirs. setup a spot to set some up on (4x4 is a good spot) place a 4way pipe in the center of the 4 x4, make sure its lined up.  then attach a reservoir to each end of the pipe, to expand out, just attach another pipe off one of the existing ends, and add move reservoirs. run one pipe off the 4 way that will be going inside your base, and then attach a water spout at the end of the pipes ran to your base for accessing the water.  Each time there is a blizzard it will fill the tanks up.  4 tanks is more then enough to do 4 plots and provide water for a 3 man team (as long as someone is always popping into the base).

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