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This game (and the devs) never change

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This game (and the devs) never change

Got a wild hair to boot up ark after having quit shortly after extinction proved underwhelming upon launch (imho).  This was a week ago, no idea what genesis was or that it was almost out.  Reconnected with folks on my aberration server and had a decent time exploring the new to me quality of life improvements added in over a year.

Then the massive update for the new DLC hits, 200ish gigs separated into many updates.  Get that all done while I sleep.  Try to log into the ab server as I’m still on the fence about giving someone money for something new when the old stuff never worked 100%.  Over half the ab servers are missing including where I was playing. Ok whatever it’s day after launch these guys never been good with updates I’ll wait.  

Start on a character I had on scorched and get a Adobe hut up in a few hours and log out on a bed so I can run errands.  Hours later try to log on, ab servers still missing. Ok load scorch with 1 player on it.  Raptor attack sounds while loading and fail to join.  Great.  Try again same result.  Third time the charm but must respawn as was killed on the bed.  Respawn with my body under the bed and naked, none of my gear on it, explore around the base no raptors anywhere to be seen. Lost metal tools and a desert armor set, nothing if you’re established but sucks if you have nothing.  

 These developers are terrible, they always have been and I can confidently say that with about 7000 hours (wasted?) in game. This game as a concept is one of the best ever but the people at the helm cannot execute on its potential now and never could.

Thats my rant, enjoy genesis if you like it I guess.

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