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Is there anyone out there?

I am trying to figure out as to why my tickets get rated solved automatically even before I get an initial response. Has this happened to anyone else? I have baby reapers down and no one is providing any information as to why it is like the only one not up and running now. The other maps on the cluster are running and people can join. The EU CrossPlayOfficial is not. What is up? Does Wildcard just not care to even comment? I am tired of being provided with a false sense of helpfulness from Wildcard. Would you care to clarify as to why I haven't received any information nor can I find any online? I am just curious if I should give up hope in the whole freaking game. It crashes and glitches and I still stay. However I am fixing to be done, just completely done. Communication is key and I have well than enough provided it on my end......

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