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E.T.A. of Legacy Genesis Servers

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22 hours ago, Lycan187u said:

I literally want nothing to do with official its trash.....I will not join official just to play genesis I stand by my words im riding this train till the end^^ which was stated there wouldn't be ..if population stayed in good standing per community crunch 135 which was never told different since this community crunch not one official statement trust me lol I read these forums 200+ times a day

Amen, my friend.

Its pretty simple for me too. If they don't add for legacy I will not play it. 

Friend was not able to check his base on ragna 211 so I went in.  How much time u need to farm meat for 2 feeding troughs, 10 min??? I end up staying more than 1 hour for that. 3 times got dc, his wyvern died. This thing happened on love event

I love this game but I hate official servers.


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Thanks for the update, still no OC Legacy servers.  What are all the Legacy OC players supposed to do when we are told to stay at home with CoV.  Also given the official are impossible to even play on in Aus time 70/70 it would help with congestion.


just saying.

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