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Insect swarm is broken

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I use a Megatherium as my bog mount. Swarms approach but don't attack (similar to standing in water), it AOEs them fast, and gets a lot of chitin from regular bug groups (unfortunately not from the swarms - they seem to be soft insects).

Harvester dinos kill swarms well, but for dino-less starter characters in this "easy" biome those swarms are worse than the nuisance they are supposed to be. However when you manage to get equipped well enough to handle them, they are a nice first source of Hide for your first sleeping bags and bed and for meat...

My biggest issue with them is that they target and attack you through solid walls. I would understand if they chase you through open doors or windows, but the current implementation definitely needs some rework - and some balancing - either less spawns or less aggro-chaining...

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