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PSA: candies are deleted

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29 minutes ago, Erinn said:

Not only the candies, but also all zombie dinos are gone, or cryopods showing raptor icon just like some dinos from valguero. Even my dodorex taxidermy isnt displaying the dodorex, the icon is blank with no dino siluette on it. And I spent days collecting those damn wishbones just to have the statue. Rip my lvl 180 zomdodos.


Still got my chalk golem ? Still showing with the raptor icon + incorrect information. This one didn't get deleted.

The dodorex dermis is as you say, not working. (Icon to the left of the cryopod in the picture). Suffered the same fate as many of our corrupted dinosaur dermis's a few months back - without warning, the picture icon changed, and they weren't able to be displayed anymore. You can still place them inside taxidermy stands, and they still show the correct name -> just nothing appears on display.

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Getting griefed by WC.

VDay event ended... and then ended again around genesis release.

First thing I noticed is all my candy disappeared. Not only valentine ones, but those I had since xmas. Last time I checked candy didn't have spoil timer and stuff you are not allowed to keep is removed at the end of event. Soooo... Where is my 300prim and 300 advanced candies, WC? Go spawn your own, you lazy bums and stop stealing it from hardworking arkers!


Since event is finally finished for good, I go and check on my heart emitting coels I had caught and podded. I figured I will catch a few and then it won't be available anymore I will sell it to people to decorate their ponds and get rich. Either it will disappear as other event stuff, turn to common fish or I will get lucky and keep heart fishies to trade.

Well, none of my guesses were correct. Those pods look like this now


and can't be deployed in water or on land with the error message:

Yeah, it just says it can't and that's it.

is this... a raptor? What the
Okay, doesn't matter. Can you at least fix this thing or are you too busy stealing candies from players?

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sad really, the chocolates wouldn't have lasted more than 24 days in a fridgerator anyways.  They could have just put timers on all the dino candies for colors and speed...set them to 2weeks only and goodbye.  don't need to remove if they remove themselves.  IF people knew they'd blank in 2 weeks regardless, noone would have saved up all the primitive ones and only would save the asc mc ones which would have drastically reduced the # of items the servers were tracking.


Instead of making the chocolates last 24days and not stack, they could have made them stack in counts of 5-10 and cut the timers down to 2 days.  We'd still get to use them after the event, but they woudlnt' last long afterwards.  Seems they could have polished this a bit further in a different direction.

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Very disappointed that dino candies were taken away

I have really enjoyed playing Ark for a long time now and was looking forward to Genesis, but since the dino candies were taken away from everyone I have lost interest.
It is not worth looking forward to any future events such as Easter, Christmas etc as what is the point of going through all the effort to take part just to have nearly everything taken away from you at the end. I give up, thanks for nothing, Wildcard.

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Content Removal

Dear Wildcard,

Thank you again for another "fix". Devious content removal is a new low. Did it upset someone at the top that players enjoyed zombie creatures as decorations in the base?Did we surpass the amount of fun that is tolerated beyond utter frustration?

All zombie variants of creatures have been deleted (was not even in the patch notes! So much for communication). All zombie creatures that were in cryo have now the bugged raptor icon and can no longer be deployed.

As a bonus, every single piece of candy from every single event in the past has been removed. Thank you for the wasted time grinding my Easter eggs.




I have never seen any game where the developers are so keen to develop against their community. Again, many thanks! Hope it was worth it and that this fixes your constant lag on almost every single server where the playercount exceeds 10-15 players, hope this fixes the deleted creatures during the many bugs, hope this fixes the exploits, the griefing and crashing (*sarcasting clapping*).


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9 minutes ago, deedoubleu said:

Apparently all the lags in ark was because of event creatures and items. It was my candies that made people dc on each server save I guess.

Don't you feel how everything is just peachy now after those wretched items removal?

You are kidding, right? It's the same performance on all my servers. Rubberbanding is still there on Island346 and Extinction493, high pings also. It was better only during the first day of genesis when all the players moved to those servers.

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