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Opt-out of setting resets



Opt-out of setting resets

I'd like the option to opt-out of setting resets.

I've had many of my settings adjusted to my preference. I'd like the setting, if unchanged, to stay where I put it. If new settings are added, then just put those whatever were default.

Perhaps some button to restore my old custom settings.

My ears are still ringing from the audio :/ which I had set music to zero, and master to 50 or less%. That launch music back to 100% hurts >.<!

Or explain why everything, even window size, and my keybinds unassigning whistle all follow, were reset to default. Ark seems to be the only game that does this to my settings. I dont like it.

This game is why I adjust my other games to match the defaults to this one, because this game does it far too often, and I am sick of it. My ears are still ringing :(

I love this game so much, but some of the stuff devs decide to do make me want to bash my head against my keyboard. Ughhhh...

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48 minutes ago, GreenRoc said:

Not lighting, "lightning" It flashes on the screen with a strobing effect, it bothers me. I had it off for years, along with the fireflies. Both are back now, I dont remember how to turn those off.

Edit to add: It is happening again. I am feeling pain behind my eyes when it flashes. I really need to turn off this lightning strobing... and rain inside the base. That's new.

Sorry, I was referring to the gamma value. The flashing, I wonder if it's similar to the flashing on Ex I saw complaining about, though this has been going on since before the Gen update.

For the reflection, I'd try light bloom + shafts on, world tiles high, and high quality LODs, and maybe sky quality? I don't actually know what world tiles and LODs are, but that's what I'd try.

It's also possible this is just a bug, wouldn't surprise me. Particularly since purple metal is fine. Were your other floors at all painted previously?

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1 hour ago, CryptidHorror said:

I don't think it's as big a deal you're making it, but I do agree it is very annoying. It's happened to both a friend and I and we were both very... surprised to say the least.

It is a big deal to me. We can argue about specific issues of moving game to updated UE4, but keeping user settings should be a trivial task.

At this point it's just another drop in the ocean of poop that devs don't consider even a shrug worthy. I don't agree with WC policy of "when in doubt - just screw the player".

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