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ARK: Genesis Part 1 - Available Now!

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Servers not up and I have work tomorrow. Thanks WC for making the game suck again.

Woohoooo its download time  !  Thank you a lot Wildcard!  You are amazing!

Why am I being forced to download a game I'm not going to buy or play? 55GB is messed up! I don't own any of the ark expansions. These should be separate from the standard game with extra maps. No rea

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nothing like insects that do not stop attacking as you kill the first swarm. The tundra/ice area is so cold even with cold gear and 30 fort you can freeze to death. Almost impossible to get enough element to do anything. This saying you survive long enough to do anything.

The fire area 2 days later on 1158 is already pillared out....

You can not use a mind wipe on any server.

Yet you could fix the feel of an event which G-d knows is needed. Any new person who bought the game to play this dlc as a noob? will set it to the side and you have lost a player and a future customer.....I should have saved the money waited 3 months then bought the tames that others tamed or hatched.....A mistake I will not make in the future

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so some missions seems to be not doable for single player i mean how can we do waved based missions without a group i litraly fail everytime because we cant user our dinos i lost 4 rexes and we cant use our own guns in stead of that we get usles bows and spears ore a flame trower if ur doing the last wave  and there is the random disconect issues and the issue that u see birds but they usles because u can ride them oh yhea and a fun one lets tp to toher bioms and get insta killed because every tp for me so far i spawned inside a creature that wants to kill me



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Yea i still dont like the bugs even though i can survive them now lol. Was hoping the game had more of a storyline mission basis than these weird ass quests lol. I'm also disappointed on on the restrictions of where I can build. I just wanna drop a house down anywhere the hell I want. And not have to worry about some stupid grid. Been standing here for 10 mins just killing bug swarms cause they just keep coming fml.

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