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ARK: Genesis Part 1 - Available Now!

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My lvl 219 Drake that I imported just disappeared when I did a mission. Left a cache... F*ing b.s. wildcard... How do you guys justify this crap? 


Update* after rage quitting when it happened, turns out it didn't auto save and I got lucky. Turned it on today and my prev autosave loaded, Drake and all. You still need to fix the problem though.

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Servers not up and I have work tomorrow. Thanks WC for making the game suck again.

Woohoooo its download time  !  Thank you a lot Wildcard!  You are amazing!

Why am I being forced to download a game I'm not going to buy or play? 55GB is messed up! I don't own any of the ark expansions. These should be separate from the standard game with extra maps. No rea

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13 minutes ago, Castlerock said:

Did u try punching the bubble? I got out by doing that.
Flyers are not intended to be ridden on genesis.
I saw several new engrams using the genesis tab, however some are under tekgrams.

Figured if flyers weren't allowed, they'd do the same as they did in abberation and just leave them out. No new tek-grams at all for me. I tried every combination of tab to find them. Id rather them have delayed it  again or have done an open f*cking beta than to release an incomplete/completely broken turd..

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This new part on ark is more than amazing 

I really love the new gameplay, the creatures and these biome 

To resume it 17/20

The 3 last point its because 3 new bug has appeared :

On split screen a lot of shadows appear up of the player one on every map

When HLNA resolve a bug we can't ride on dino it doesn't work, we need to pick them on cryopod 

We can't ride on tapejara in genesis 

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Its a great DLC, I would like to see some balancing between the maps though, as you can hop on extinction and tame some op stuff and gather element as a recource and have a short run of cave with all artificacts near eachother. While on rag, scorched, island, center and aberation are all a grind to get boss artifact. 

Also there are a ton of crashes going on in genesis and dino spawns outside of the sea biome around edges creates some lag. More lag is present when hunting the reaper in the lunar biome.

The render increase is nice but with the increased ammount of trees and particles it makes fast traveing a game crasher. The lag inside the mamasaur den is unreal and the ammount of lava bubbles creates lag.

We need custom particle and render settings ASAP on console.

I love genisis but the lag and crashes is the only letdown. Been playing non stop since release hunting down all the glitches/notes in genesis.

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Where the hell is genesis server 1299 I still can’t get back on it you pulled it off the list and we got 50+ people that was playing when you took it down and never came back up. Some these people had max characters and now poof they gone without even a response to what’s going on we open report server down but you got no genesis to select from. You pushed this back to get ready. This is not what ready looks like. 

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Does anyone know the command that completes all missions? because a youtuber by the name of syntac said he used a admin command to complete the missions so he could have access to the final boss fight if there is anyone who knows if the command exists please let me know.

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