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Genesis Flyer Mount Disabled

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Wow people really get bent out of shape when their precious flyers get taken away.   I always thought flyers made the game too easy and annoying with people picking you constantly.   

Keeping an eye on this thread. If flyers are not allowed then I'm definitely not buying this. I hope it's a bug.

I'm pretty happy they didn't allow fliers to be active on this amazing map. 

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7 hours ago, Alocoste said:

Nobody knows if it is intend or not. Maybe it would be disable Inside some biomes but a bug is making it disable for all biomes. And there ain't flyer in Aberration, so ppl got used to not useflyers…

And as usual this dumb compagnie cant tell us what is happening

Imagine spending 3hour on official taming ur first ptera being super happy to discover this map to realise you wasted 3hour CAUSE WE CANT RIDE FLYER AND WC DONT INFORM HIS CUSTOMER AS ALWAYS


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8 hours ago, ArousedPlumbus said:

there disabled we know that much, really like to throw the guy who suggested that during design right out a window, and i hope he reads this too.

Careful saying stuff like that. I got a 1000 year ban from the 343 Halo forums for saying something very similar as they somehow took it as a threat.

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46 minutes ago, Hottamali8 said:

Specially since we can tame flyers and there's flyer on the map. Lol extra lameee lmao, this map looks sooo pretty and I really want to enjoy it from up above before I get my Tek suit.

Sorry bro but you cant fly with the tek suit on this map, a lot of the tek features are turned off in the simulation. Cant fly with it or do the super punch

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Yeah disappointed about the unable to mount flyers. I m hoping it was a bug like aberration cave on Valquero.  Now everyone flys there.  I know one thing , if this was permanent and I knew this about the dlc no freaking way I would put any money on it.  So now what’s the expectation for the next dlc it’s like why bother. I gonna try a mana but have a feeling it may not work. Dev s please fix this or let us know 

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So far from what I've found and seen it is not a bug. The disabled flyers was done with full intent to not allow you to fly. I don't know if they're going to keep it this way or make it so they can only fly in some Biomes and not in others. 

I have also yet to find a code or such that will allow Private servers to bypass it. 


Edit:Private servers can now enable flyers. Going to the gameusersettings.ini and adding bForceCanRideFliers=True

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9 minutes ago, St1ckyBandit said:

So they will remain disabled on official ? 


I'm for keeping them disabled btw.

Indeed it will stay disabled, its only for other servers that can have the option to turn it on if they so wish.



In regards to @Fireman76 please refer to this tweet for further information on how to enable it for servers.


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