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Genesis Flyer Mount Disabled

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Wow people really get bent out of shape when their precious flyers get taken away.   I always thought flyers made the game too easy and annoying with people picking you constantly.   

Keeping an eye on this thread. If flyers are not allowed then I'm definitely not buying this. I hope it's a bug.

I'm pretty happy they didn't allow fliers to be active on this amazing map. 

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I still feel it was a bug. Or at least not fully decided by the dev crew. Why would they allow us on private or unofficial servers to have flyers  ? they didn't do that with aberration . And as far as aberration no flyers fit with the whole DLC , it's underground and you don't have Argys and PT's flying wild around and that's another thing that makes this feel confusing . Maybe this is them trying to figure out how things work with this simmulation map with the boundries. I feel for anyone who wants flyer on official they made new awesome skins for these flyers and you can't fly them. That's another reason why I think it maybe wasn't fully decided . Why would they spent the time to re skin these flyers to not allow their players to enjoy them . That being said I'm so glad we get to have our flyers on our servers, but I do believe they should really make it right with official . I play on a bunch of private servers with friends, some sponsored and some I and friends pay for. And as far as official I can understand both sides for and against flyers. But on official once it opens transfers will Manas and Drake's be allowed. Now I get they hover/ glide but have they said anything about those tames transferring over ? 

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On 2/26/2020 at 8:40 AM, RonanX said:

played Genesis for hours, tamed a argy, take a saddle on it, noticed that flying mounts are disabled... closed ARK. Waste of money if that isnt a bug. played it 1300 hours but that is a no go on a open map.

Im going for a full refund on the three copies I bought of this game. You all need to get on twitter. Use #enableflyingmounts everyone needs to. At least have a clickable setting. 

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12 minutes ago, GrandMarsha11x said:

What are you talking about?!!! there is no such setting


On 11/30/2018 at 12:02 AM, StudioWildcard said:

v306.53 - 2/26/20

  • Unofficials can now using flying creatures by adding the following setting to your GameUserSettings.ini under the [ServerSettings] section: bForceCanRideFliers=True


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On 4/19/2020 at 11:52 AM, GrandMarsha11x said:

Just tried this 3 times. Did not work. 

Ok mate just to help out in case you don't already know  in your server settings ( if your running a dedicated server) in the host control panel under configuration files tab you will see or may see as it could be different on your hosts end , a list of files to edit the one i choose is config.bat and i go in through the easy config button so it shows me a set up as in the pic , make sure the ForceallowcaveFlyers is set to true  , then add in the command line given in this forum bForceCanRideFliers=True in the gameusersettings.ini under [serversettings] as in the second pic

then try your claim unclaim , this worked perfect for myself 




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