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Thinks I dont have the DLC

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20 minutes ago, Fireman76 said:

Thinks I dont have the DLC

I go to enter any server and it tells me to go to the store as I dont have the DLC then it goes to the store and of course I have the DLC already. Should I delete ark and reinstall?

See if this helps:


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5 hours ago, Swamphawk said:

The above does not work.  I go to the Store and both the Season Pass and Genesis Part show as purchased, no option to download, and game says I’m running most recent version but do not own the expansion.  Same on my son’s account.

The DLC is downloaded to your system but not installed in the game itself. You need to go into the Add-On section, look up Genesis, then click on it and hit download. Should only take a second.

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19 minutes ago, Joeyhero said:

How to download the add on? I have a list of the add ons, but there is no way to click on it to download anything 

Go to the ps4 home page. Put your cursor over the Ark game, but do not launch the game. Move the cursor DOWN, it will display info about the game. On the left side of the info screen you'll see a black information box, at the bottom it says 'PlayStation Store' click on that.

It will then bring up a box on the right that will show your add-ons. Scroll down to 'Show All' and click on it. It will bring up a new screen that lists all the add-ons. Genesis will be in the list. Click on it. It will bring up the Overview page.

Beneath the picture of Genesis it will say 'Download' click on that. It'll only take a sec. Exit out and launch the game. Genesis will be available to play now.

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On 2/28/2020 at 10:20 AM, Zparkx said:

I went to the ps4 store on my console and  clicked addons on the left after a little scroll down and then typed genesis in the search at the top and saw it was free for me and downloaded it.

there is no way to download it, only showing Ark : Genesis season pass

i try find it at ps store afs on also but only that season pass show up.

and down genesis image, only show that i already purchase it.

FYI : my account is reg 3

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