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MARKETING Team needs a change!

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MARKETING Team needs a change!

Clearly Ark's new DLC has hit a bump on release day. It is normal, however, to my surprise is the lack of professionalism on the marketing team. 

We all understand that problems are a part of making games but continuing to lie about the release day and push ads on a false release date after they know it's wrong shows the reason why ark gets so much unnecessary hate.


If the date failed just change the freaking date. Send an apology to the fans and problem solved. Instead we have ads, no apologies, and constantly exposing photos to which ruin the experience of ark for the upcoming DLC. 


At some point they need someone who knows what that hell is going on. 

This great game needs someone who knows how to talk with people. Not prepubescent adults who have no idea how to work marketing campaigns. 


It angers me because ark is constantly missrepresented. I have been part of the hate mob. But only to realize that is because of the TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION sent by the marketing campaigns and not to mention the lack of not having a single person who takes all responsibilities to send one clear message to the costumers/fans.


We need a single voice. Not 10 tweeter accounts who have no idea what is going and to top it of telling us missinformation. 





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They can make great games, but on the world record for worst company policy they win with massive distance to number 2 in rank.

Everytime (they failed never) when they bring something out it comes down to the last minutes. Thats rubbish, but they are so stupid themselves they believe we buy it. On a project this size it is IMPOSSIBLE to plan down to a certain time to releas it. If you do that you are either SUPER GOOD at planning or leaving things for the last minute. Well we all seen they SUCK at planning and leave things for the last minute. This also means they didnt properly test once again. 

They are sooooo arrogant, but are under the impression they are not. If they would not be they would had learned after the first 1 or 2 mistakes in a row, but yet they keep doing the same stuff over and over. Their company really lacks on a propper policy. Its just a bunch of people that are great at designing, but totaly suck at customer relations. 

They again had a chance to show the world they learned and improved. Get rid of the hate against them and have a lot more customers for no doubt a lot of people are holding out on buying their poop for they know the company behind it is broken as..... .  However they again didnt give a .... and failed like we all were expecting. 

Such a stupid company. Even a child would be better at customer relations.......   


Thnx again sausageheads for betraying us once again after we payed. 



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