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Modify Character - Looks, Name, Gender


Character Models

Wildcard is it possible to allow each player an optional character model reset, it could be similar to a mindwipe where it’s a craftable item or just a feature included in the settings. I believe this would help out a lot of players like myself who created their characters unlike how they wanted and don’t want to lose progress on bosses. I’ve done every boss on alpha on official servers and creating a new character isn’t an option anymore. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be a feature implemented or just a one time reset server wide on your character model.

This is honestly an issue for PvP purposes, as currently smaller characters are the preferred models for their hit box sizes, alternatively you could just change the hit box size for all character models, either way this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you spent time reading this, I love and support this game and just want to continue enjoying it in a PvP aspect where I feel I’m equal to others. 

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Character name change and gender/appearance change

We NEED a way to do change names and gender/appearance! It's could be a simple crafted item like the Mindwipe Tonic, or even a 1 time option in the menu. I'd even be happy to pay for it at this point.

This is a very common wish from players that could be done very easily. People change over the years that we play this game.


Up vote this so we may finally get a solution to this very simple issue. I play on official servers, so there's no possible way to do this at this point.

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The reason you can’t change name and appearance is so that other players who don’t like a player for some reason (eg. built behemoth gates around base so they couldn’t get out) And that player changes their name and appearance..... then they can walk free. (eg. looking for “goodgrief” and the person has now changed their name to “Star” and changed their eye color gender skin tone and body dimensions and they never find out) unless you have a message in the chat log or whatever that soandso has changed their name to bla bla bla and showed their old and new appearance, it also requires you drinking a very exsoensive stew that costs tons and takes 9/10ths of your Heath or something.

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