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Genesis Release Time

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Oh wild card. The fail is strong with you. I suggest not looking for this release till thursday or friday if not another month or three delay.

I'm getting a large update on PC now. I went to the Genesis Season Pass Steam page and hit 'Play Now', then the update began.

There is 1 on the wiki page of ARK Genesis: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Genesis

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Every single DLC they make has an unrealistically optimistic release date that they can't meet, so they delay it, and then it's still buggy and screwed up when they release it. And they always wait until the last minute to say anything about it, I'm sure they know at least a month or two out that they're behind the power curve, but they don't say anything until the week it's supposed to come out. I already figured they were delaying it again in January because halfway through the month their silence was suspicious. They need to add an extra six months to their estimated dates, so they're either on time or early. Or just hire more devs. The second half is supposed to be this winter, but with these setbacks, I almost guarantee the actual release will be around March or April next year, and even that might be optimistic. Hell, a year after Extinction was released they're still fixing Owl exploits and nerfing the Mana

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