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Meshing with Rock Drakes on Abberation

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Meshing with Rock Drakes on Abberation

While on rock drakes on abberation there have been many close calls for my tribe in regards to the anti-meshing program. Don't get me wrong I'm glad you guys are working on it, but I just want to let you know that rock drakes mesh very easily on abberation. On the surface we went to both that can be accessed through the green zone, our rock drakes kept partially falling through the ground, though not in a way that triggered the anti mesh program. We just jump a few times to get out of it. Tonight though, my best rock drake fell through the floor of our base while I was putting it back in line in the green zone at 44.4 , 23.9 on top of the railway roof on EU - PvE Official Abberation 226. My other tribe mate lost a basilisk that fell through the world.

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