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So i got some questions about PGM

So first question can you get the generator to generate even bigger maps than now?

and second question: can you make a PGM in the dlc Scorched earth or Genesis or any other expansion or do you have to play the handcraftet maps to experience the dlcs?

I just want to be able to make a PGM map with the dlc for example genesis

because i feel like the PGM is only the island type of map 

i just want to be able to make a randomized exstinction map for example

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I have only just started using the PGM option (on Xbox) as of yesterday, but I will give it a go to answer your questions.


1) Can we generate bigger maps?

From what I understand and have experienced, the size of the map is the same as the official Island map.  However, by tweaking certain settings you can reduce the size of the land mass but telling the generator to, effectively, make larger oceans.

2) Can you make PGM in Scorched earth, Genesis, etc?

No.  The PGM are all based on the Island map. 


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