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pve PvX🔥𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕙𝕖𝕟𝕕.𝕔𝕠𝕞🔥 Shop 🔥 PVE+PVP 🔥 Events 🔥 8 maps 🔥

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- https://discord.gg/vDrueSy -
Dragehend.com -


 -  Add Server Dragehend.com:27015 -
 - or Steam Connect through Dragehend.com  -

We are building a new friendly community cluster for laid back casual players. We mimic the same xp, taming, and harvesting rates you'd find on official servers. There are a few tweaks that add to the original experience, like player-owned shops, public teleporters and cross server chat. Everyone here has been friendly, and we welcome you to come joins us. We currently have 8 maps with a ton of great spots still open!




The Island                                  Level 120 PVE
Scorched Earth                         Level 150 PVE
Valguero                                     Level 150 PVE
Aberration                                  Level 150 PVE
                                         Level 150 PVE
Genesis                                              Level 150 PVE
NEW! 4/6/2020              Level 150 PVE
Crystal Isles 
NEW! 5/26/2020         Level 150 PVP
Full Details: http://dragehend.com/maps.html
There are no restrictions on cross ark transfers. Dino uploads expire after 14 days.



Harvesting, XP, and Taming rates are adjusted according to Official Server rates with the exception that we double rates every weekend if WC does not.
Tribe Tame Limit                       1000           1000 Tames per server per tribe
Mating Interval                           0.33           Dinos can breed more often
Egg Hatch Speed                       4.0              Eggs Hatch 400% faster

Baby Mature Speed                   6.0              Babies Mature 600% faster. Enables users to raise a baby in a single evening
Cuddle Interval (imprinting)     0.65           How often babies need to be cuddled. Value decreased to try to allow 100% imprinting with reduced baby mature speed
Day Time Speed                        0.5              Longer Days
Night Time Speed                     1.5              Shorter Nights
Crop Decay                                 0.5             Crops take longer to decay
Crop Growth Speed                   2.0             Crops grow faster
Player Food Drain                      0.5             Food needed less often
Player Water Drain                    0.5             Water needed less often
PVE Structure Collision           OFF             Collision is allowed

PVP Structure Collision           ON              Structures cannot be built within one another on the PVP server



Cross Cluster Auction House NEW!
Capitalism Physical Store NEW!
Cross Cluster Chat integrated into discord
Points Shop and your points are synced across the cluster
Public Teleporters and tribes are allowed to build up to 3 of their own per map.




Go to Dragehend's Mod Collection. Click 'Subscribe to All' to easily install all the mods before joining the game:



Events hosted on the Events Server at least twice a month.
Zombie Raids

NPC Raids


Check 'em out http://dragehend.com/rules.html



Continuous Improvement to events and the server. Your suggestions matter!


Global chat is integrated into Discord, and the rest of the cluster, so you can easily chat to anyone on discord or actively playing on any map in the cluster.
- https://discord.gg/vDrueSy -

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