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pvp Dragehend | PVE + PVP | New Player Special | Shop + Standard Rates | 6+ Maps

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 - Dragehend | 4 Working Adults | Balanced Shop + Standard Rates | 6+ Maps -


 -  Add Server Dragehend.com:27015 -
 - or Steam Connect through Dragehend.com  -

 - Genesis and Extinction Launched on 3/21 -

- Stay Home and Play Weekend Special
New Players Only: Login to Any Server in the Cluster This Weekend to Gain a One-Time deposit of 500 Gold Coins and 700 Shop Points* -

We are building a new community cluster for laid back casual players. Rates are pretty close to what you'd expect to find on official servers and a few tweaks that add to the original experience. This server is great for working people who like playing ark with friends. We currently have 6 maps with all the awesome spots still open and will be adding more maps in the future.

New Player structures are protected up to level 60. After this protection wears off Tribes may request to become PVE. Tribe admins may return to their tribe to PVP status at their discretion.

 - Maps and Dino Levels - 
The Island                                  Level 120
Scorched Earth                         Level 150
Valguero                                     Level 150
Aberration                                  Level 150
Extinction NEW!                           Level 150
Genesis NEW!                              Level 150
All Dino Decay is disabled
There are no restrictions on cross ark transfers. Dino uploads expire after 333 days.

 - Mods - 
Go to Dragehend's Mod Collection. Click 'Subscribe to All' to easily install all the mods before joining the game:

 - Features - 
Capitalism Physical Store NEW!
Cross Cluster Chat integrated into discord
Balanced Points Shop and your points are synced across the cluster
Public Teleporters

 - Breeding - 
Dino Mating Interval                  0.75x         Reduced by 25%, cuts down time dinos lay fertilized eggs.
Egg Hatch Speed                       4x               Eggs Hatch 400% faster
Baby Mature Speed                   6x               Babies Mature 600% faster. Enables users to raise a baby in a single evening.
Cuddle Interval (imprinting)     0.65x         How often babies need to be cuddled. Value decreased to try to allow 100% imprinting with reduced baby mature speed.

- Environment -
Global Item Decomp Time       3x              Decomposition time for all dropped items including poop. Items stay in the world 300% longer.
Lay Egg Interval                         0.5x           Dinos lay eggs 50% faster.
Hair Growth Speed                   0.3x            Hair grows 66% slower so that you stay in style longer.
Corpse Life Span                      2x               Survivor corpse stays in the world twice as long.

- Rules -
See http://dragehend.com/rules.html

- Upcoming Features -

Ragnarok (expected by 4/5)
Event Server is being built to host events with prizes.
Custom Beacons (Useful loot but not overpowered)

Global chat is integrated into Discord, and the rest of the cluster, so you can easily chat to anyone on discord or actively playing on any map in the cluster.
- https://discord.gg/vDrueSy -

*  Offer applies to new players who have never received this bonus. Survivors are only eligible for this bonus 1 time only. 700 Shop Points is equivalent to 11 hours of earning points. 500 Gold Coins is equivalent to 4 hours of earning points. Points may take up to 24 hours to show up in your wallet. Offer Ends Sunday, April 5th, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST.

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