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Safari2020 Dedicated PvP Cluster

The Safari2020 community is new and growing fast. There are constant events, giveaways, raids, etc.. Admins are available frequently and play normally on the side. The servers are fairly fast paced, but not instant end game. Search Safari2020 to find the servers and join our discord at https://discord.gg/QtPQZ4x .

5 man tribe pvp cluster with alliances allowed and crossplay enabled.

25x gather and exp
100x hatch and mature
100x tame (instant for all but high levels)
Max lvl 185
Max wild standard dino 300
Public teleporters at obelisks
3x turret damage to dinos
100 post tamed lvls
Frequent events and giveaways
Currently running Ragnarok, Valguero, and Extinction with open transfers and plans for more servers (Genesis) to come soon.

Community Center and store are at Blue Obelisk on Ragnarok. Boss Flags are the in-game currency. To be totally transparent, we do accept donations and give rewards for those, as this helps keep the servers up and allows us to expand the community. However, nothing is only available through donations.

Supply Drops

White drop- Flak set and longneck
White bonus- Better White drop
White desert drop- Artifacts
Green drop- Metal Structures
Green bonus- Big metal Structures
Blue drop- Kibble
Blue bonus- Consumables
Purple drop- Crafting/Base machines
Purple bonus- Base machines
Yellow drop-Saddles
Yellow bonus-Better Yellow drop
Red drop- Weapons, ammo, riot, heavy turret, flags
Red bonus- Better Red drop + Chibi

Cave Drops- Flag/s, Element, Weapons, Ammo

Gamma Boss- 100 Element, 40 Flags
Beta Boss- 175 Element, 60 Flags
Alpha Boss- 275 Element, 80 Flags


Please come join the community and feel free to message myself or any other admin on discord when you join  and register your tribe for a starter griffin!

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