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I bought the genesis season pass on Xbox one S. I was hoping to get my free HLN-A pet but was very disappointed when I loaded up a game and didn’t see it!! I tried restarting console, game, and even internet. I really need help because I want the pet and don’t know what to do.

(Also when I purchased the dlc it didn’t download anything so I’m not sure if I did something wrong)

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There’s a bug that was created with one of Arks recent updates. It just makes it to where you can’t install the Genesis season pass and it simply acts like you don’t have it. When I click on “Get the Genesis season pass now” or whatever that option is on ark it takes me to the store and says I own it and there’s no option to download. Not in the manage game and add ons option, I can’t start the download from my transaction history like other add ons for other games, nothing. I contacted Microsoft support and they said it was an issue on Wildcards part so I guess we have to wait for them to fix it unfortunately.

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