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Ark Genesis not working

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Ark Genesis not working

Good day Arkers,

I have just purcahsed the Genesis season pass via the windows store. (Made sure it was the desktop version although it seems to show both) and although it is saying its installed in both the windows store, the xbox beta app and when i look in the game apps/data. I am still not able to access the genesis map.

I have the Xbox Game pass to play Ark as my son wanted to play with me via xbox, but wasn't sure if this would make a difference or not. Like i need to have purchased the game instead of playing via Xbox game pass to play with the Genesis pass.

Any help would be apreciated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled via both the Windows Store and the Xbox beta neiter seem to make any difference? It also only shows it as a 9mb download?!?

Ark Genesis.png

Ark Gen 3A.jpg


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Hi @Psiberdyne , Genesis is not yet available. As mentioned above it is planned for official release on 25th February. The Windows Store still shows out-dated information regarding release date.

As you have purchased the season pass you should get instant access to download the DLC when it is released.

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