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Lunar Ark PVE XBOX/PC Fresh 7 Map Cluster



We have officially launched a 7 map PVE cluster. 

From proven server stats to helpful admins, we are trying to expand into a bigger community. 

Please see discord link at the bottom to join up today! 

Get your spot ASAP as it is still very fresh and ready to go! 

Hope to see you soon.

━━━━☆ CLUSTER MAPS ☆━━━━

Ragnarok - 20 Slots
Island - 20 Slots
Extinction - 10 Slots
Aberration - 10 Slots
Scorched - 10 Slots
Valguero - 10 slots
Genesis - 10 Slots (ITS HERE!)

━━━━☆ SERVER STATS ☆━━━━

Harvest: 6x
Experience: 4x
Taming: 6x
Egg Hatch: 10x
Maturation: 30x
Wild Dino Max Level: 300 / 360 Tek
Player Max Level: 105
Drop Quality: 1.0x 
(Custom Drops at bottom of page)

━━━━☆ PLAYER STATS ☆━━━━ 

   Health: [ +20 ]
   Stamina: [ +20 ]
   Oxygen: [ +40 ]
   Food: [ +10 ] (Drain rates reduced)
   Water: [ +10 ](Drain rates reduced)
   Weight: [ +2,500 ]
   Melee: [ +6% ]
   Speed: [ +3% ]
   Fortitude: [ +6 ]
   Crafting: [ +10% ]

━━━━☆ DINO STATS ☆━━━━ 

   Health: [ Official ]
   Stamina: [ 3x ]
   Oxygen: [ official ]
   Weight: [ 5x ]
   Melee: [ Official ]

━━━━☆ MODS ☆━━━━ 

   Custom Drops
   Stack Mod
   Auto learn tek gen and transmitter
   Infinite Mindwipe

━━━━☆ WARNING ☆━━━━ 

Admins DO NOT Replace

   Lost Player's
   Lost Dino's
   Lost Item's

[ Golem's & Ice Wyverns Do Not
Cryo or Upload Properly From Val ]

━━━━☆ DROP CONTENTS ☆━━━━ 

:WBEACON:  Starter Kit, Clothing, and Food

:GBEACON: Stone Housing, Saddles, and Special consumables

:BBEACON: Basic Furniture, BP's, Tranqs and More

:PBEACON: Riot Armor, Large saddles, Transmitters, and advanced fire arms

:YBEACON: Special Gear, Saddle BP's, and Advanced Furniture

:RBEACON:Plenty of Advanced Items, BP's, Element, and Strong Armor

Kibble and other Dino Foods found through out all drops!!



Logopit_1581931677934 (1).webp

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Hey all! Community is growing nicely. Definitely have some good players and admins. We are currently looking for more quality people like you! 

We will be holding our first event of the server's existence next week! It's our pre-genesis release party/ market. Players will be given a free shoulder pet of choice and will be entered to win an exclusively colored rock drake like you've never seen before! 

Join up today and claim your spot while the server is in its early life! 

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