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how to create water pen and a nice dino pen in single player ?

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how to create water pen and a nice dino pen in single player ?

hi does anyone know how to create a nice water pen and a nice dino pen that can teach me or show me ? thank you :) have been trying to figure out or find but doesn't have much info

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I built my underwater pen in the bay of herbivore island. It's the island south-east on the map. It has a natural bay, which is easy to close of. For this you should place a behemoth gate first in the middle of the bay entrance and then close the sides with walls or windows. I used windows, looks better and you are able to shoot and see through the windows and only coels come through the window (nothing else fits), which provide a never ending fish source.

-if you can't build a behemoth gate yet, you can use a stone dino gate. 

-you can stack 2 dino Gates on top of each other, search for a video tutorial on that on YouTube

-i used just one gate on the floor of the bay and put pillars left and right next to it, connected them with a ceiling on top (out of the water) and built windows down till it reached the top of the gate. So it's closed of and no mantas or megalodons can swim in

-only use stone structures, they can't be destroyed by Dino's

-build a small base with storage right on the beach next to it, not in the middle of the island , cause no resources will spawn again

-i farmed all the stone on the island and still had to get about 800 from my main base to built this, so you need to  farm a lot 

-herbivore island is friendly, no carnivores and no aggro Dino's. And the best is, it has a lot of metal. So I use this base also as my metal farming base. I tamed one of the Ankylosaurus roaming the island. 

If you want more examples for different underwater pens, just check YouTube. There are tons of videos on that topic. But be careful, cause it's a difference between the pc/console ark and mobile, the more structures you build, the more your phone needs to render and the slower it loads. So it's always a good idea to use natural obstacles to close of sides of your Pen's. Cliffs, mountains, etc.

Have fun. Be creative.

Cheers, Symara

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