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New idea

You know they should add to the roster of survival items? Ark version of a hopper like minecraft.

An item that can be used to suck up loose items like gacha crystals, poop, owl pellets, etc. 

You could also link up the hopper to deposit said resourse to say vaults, fridges, grinders or garden plots. 

Havent you ever gotten a gacha and stated making resouces from it and find out that there were more crystal that disappeared because you were gone to long? Then the hopper is the solution.


500 metal ingots

30 wood

60 oil

80 polymer

25 electronic

50 black pearls

Crafted in fabricator

Let me know what you think about this. Also i know the gacha kinda already does that but they dont pick up the crystals.


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An item collector sort of thing. Like it! Particularly distributing items to other inventories.. like if you didn't have to manually collect and give beetles feces, or you could collect and store eggs while afk then come back and hatch them later.

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