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Need tips for aberration solo pvp

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Need tips for aberration solo pvp

Solo pvp on small tribes Aberration has been rough. I’ve lost roughly 7 bases. Most last only a couple days. Occasionally I have one last a week or two. Most recently I managed to build a small hidden base with 14 turrets only to have it destroyed in minutes. When people raid they don’t just steal your stuff but burn the base to the ground until there is nothing left.

I’ve realized it is impossible to defend as auto turrets alone are not strong enough anymore And layered walls mean nothing, so I’m assuming the best policy is to stay hidden. But how? Everywhere you go people have built already. And any hiding place will be found out eventually. Any base small enough to stay hidden probably only has a single forge and won’t be able to fit any of the larger crafting stations. That makes the grind very long if you want to get the end game (rock drakes, reapers, basilisks, artifacts and boss fights). But the longer the grind is the more likely your base will be wiped before you get there. I know people will say kee your stuff spread out but that just means more based to maintain and an even longer grind.

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