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ARK: Genesis - The Adventure Continues on February 25th

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It's unfortunate that in the 60 seconds it took me to create this image, you think the dev team has completely stopped all work. The team have been and still are working hard to fix all high-priority

Nice to see WildCard pushing the advertising campaign when there are players who can't even play because the last update created a blue screen issue #Priorities   

Possibly one of the greatest responses from one of the development team I've ever seen on here, well said @Chris and just know that not everyone on here is a complete and utter *word I'm not allowed t

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Can Genesis also have Megatheriums, Mantis's, Pachys, Ravagers, or any other creatures you guys want to have in Genesis please, maybe the Mantis can tamed with whatever meat you want, I don't care what kind (Raw, Cooked, Raw Prime, Cooked Prime, Raw Mutton, Cooked Mutton or Rotten), but in my opinion the Deathworm Horns can still be one of its taming food, I'm saying this is because I would love to tame a Mantis in Valguero (possibly Genesis as well), because for some reason, I want to tame a Mantis with any kind of meat you want, so ya, if you guys don't want that to happen, that's all right with me, after all it is completely up to you.

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How am I not surprised that they are still scrambling to release this new content I mean they do it to them selfs they set the release dates not us. I understand it can be hard but after failing to come through so many times you think they learned from there previous mistakes but they don’t. I’m posting this comment not because I hate the game developers but because I care for them I want to see one of my favorite games to do well and with out criticism it can’t happen to learn from there mistakes

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1 minute ago, DeHammer said:

Ha! Shows what happens when you trust a Wiki page. Their wiki used to say they were an Aussie company, at least when I checked it last. But Washington State makes sense. 

Never trust a Wiki page at face value.

I got in trouble for editing an Ark Wiki page back in the day to show that any numb-skull (me) can edit them.

Just don't remind Panda or Eli.


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