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Using Ark Pain Editor on Official Servers.

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Using Ark Pain Editor on Official Servers.

So this may be an old subject, one I haven't found an answer for regarding official servers.
I've used Ark Paint Editor through Windows 10 Ark, managed to paint saved images in game onto canvas ( with no crashing ), and then log into Xbox Ark to paint the same images again.
But so far I've been unable to do this on official, the only reasons I can think for this is:
1) Needing to be the same character with save files to transfer to the server ( which doesn't work from single player to official )
2) They're worried about copyright issues or inappropriate content with the extra freedom of being able to upload pretty much anything,
3) The amount of extra data or resources needed to actually allow people to paint from templates onto official servers.
Maybe it's just something they haven't fix like many other little details. Anyways, I'm curious to know if anyone else has had and success!  

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